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At Archithera, we offer cutting-edge technology solutions for the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry. With a holistic approach that encompasses the design phase through to construction, we empower AEC professionals to create better structures for the future. Our services include lidar scanning, BIM modelling, 3d printing, custom family and template creation, computational design, cross-reality (XR), and training. Our technology solutions are designed to streamline workflows, reduce errors, and enhance communication between project stakeholders. Whether you’re a property developer, architect, engineer, or construction professional, we have the expertise and tools to help you stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of architecture and construction.

Computational Design

Our expertise in computational design empowers architects and designers to push boundaries and deliver innovative solutions for architectural projects. View the automation of complex form modelling and efficient view and sheet creation.
Discover Archithera’s computational design capabilities today.

BIM Content

We offer an extensive BIM content library, including Parametric Revit families and templates, alongside customised Revit families and templates tailored to your office’s BIM standards and requirements. Our standardised families and templates are essential for delivering high-quality projects efficiently.

Lidar Scanning

Archithera uses state-of-the-art lidar scanners to create detailed 3D maps of existing buildings and structures. This allows us to create accurate digital BIM models of your assets using Autodesk Revit for efficient asset management, planning, and risk management purposes. 

BIM Modeling

Specialising in BIM Modeling, a transformative architectural design and construction approach, our expert team leverages industry-leading software Revit to create detailed BIM models, enabling precise coordination, enhanced visualisation, and improved project management. You can streamline workflows, minimise errors, and optimise project outcomes. Experience the power of BIM Modeling with Archithera and unlock new possibilities for your architectural projects.

3D Printing

Unlock the possibilities of 3D printing with Archithera. Our state-of-the-art software and 3D printers allow us to bring your intricate 3D models to life, no matter how complex. Our 3D printing services, from architectural prototypes to detailed designs, offer unmatched precision and quality.

Cross Reality (XR)

XR software, such as Arkio, creates virtual and augmented reality walk-throughs of built and unbuilt projects. With XR technology, you can visualise your project in 3D before construction begins, identifying potential design flaws or conflicts early on, reducing the likelihood of costly rework later in the project, and helping you realise your vision. Our team is experienced in using XR software and can help you create realistic, immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences for your project. Virtual reality glasses provide a fully immersive experience during the walk-throughs. Contact us today to learn more about how XR technology can benefit your project.


Elevate your expertise and stay ahead of the curve with industry-leading training solutions—comprehensive training programs tailored to meet your specific needs and goals in the AEC industry. We specialise in providing customised training on BIM, XR, and computational design. Our expert trainers will equip you with the knowledge and skills to leverage these advanced technologies effectively. Explore our training options and enhance your capabilities with Archithera.